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How is COVID-19 affecting children’s home learning?

Hard to Focus

Hard to Focus

Children are finding it difficult to complete their large amounts of homework, while not receiving the equivalent amount of interaction with teachers and other students

Social Isolation

Social Isolation

Kids are sad and lonely because they cannot see their friends. They may struggle to understand their feelings and become frustrated or angry

Mental Health

Mental Health

The stress of quarantine and isolation may have serious consequences on children’s mental health and development that we do not fully realize yet

How can odaiba help?

Peer Programming based
learning approach

We created an app that facilitates learning using the methodology of Pair Programming. This technique is highly collaborative and proven in the tech industry. Using the same concept, students will work together to support each other on assignments while building meaningful connections.

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Real-time progress

With odaiba, teachers can watch real-time progress of each student group’s work and join in to help whenever needed. This way students can work together on an assignment and teachers can give help to those who are struggling.

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Custom worksheet and
lesson creation for educators

Our easy-to-use program is flexible enough for teachers of a variety of subjects to use for creating custom worksheets and assignments for students to work on online. Teachers will be able to set the correct answers for the sheets for easy and automatic grading.

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